Independent workshops ~ Iron Sharpens Iron conference ~ October 27,2018


Key note (AM)  REX TIGNOR - “It Ain’t Over”

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just yell “do-over” and get a chance to do it again? 

I’ve got good news for you--It Ain’t Over! 

Key note (PM) REX TIGNOR – “What IF”  

Two words that are about as non-threatening as words can be separately,  but when you put them together they could haunt you the rest of your life.                  

Rex Tignor - "Fatherhood Tune up"                                                                                                  

If we are not careful, in all of the busyness of life things can start running a little rough that can have an impact on our children. In this equipping seminar we will look at some helpful tools that can help used get things running smooth again. 

George HoageNew York Family Life, Weekend to Remember, Director/WNY, Marriage Matters Director                                                                           

Being a Godly HusbandFull Throttle Men    Ages 30 - 55        

God calls us to a high standard as a man in marriage. Learn to love your wife in a way that makes it a joy for her to submit and respect and follow her Godly Man.   

William Gibbins  Board Member of Christian Grand-Parenting Network 


Let’s Take Back the Hill Country”     Seasoned Men     Ages 45 and up

Missing real heroes in their lives, many children and youth adopt heroes of dubious character based solely upon popularity or the promise of something to fill the void in their life. New heroes are needed—men like Caleb. Grandfathers can be that kind of hero.  

Pastor Kevin McIntyre -  Senior Pastor,  Bethel Church of Cleveland Heights 

In a world of individualism and isolation, is the church and its members still called to reach across the aisle to reach other people.  This workshop will address the calling, the need, and the practical principles that can be applied for each man to reach one and teach one.  

 Jonathan Greer – Program Director  I – C.A.R.E.  Mentoring 


Investing in youth, developmental discipleship that fuels; confidence, competence and comfort in young men, preparing them for leadership roles now and in the future. 

Mike Whitmer - 


Satan loves to destroy your marriage.  In this seminar we will look at how to keep him at bay. 

Pastor Russ Parsley

THE BIG FOUR                                                                                                                      

Men work with tools. Here are some tools to getting a handle on - Anger, Conflict, Forgive, Words. 

Antonio Jackson – Minister – Director of Men’s Ministry at The House of the Lord 


According to 2 Timothy 3, the only thing that is going to sustain the Christian man during the last evil days is knowing the word of God.   Come learn about the importance of studying the Bible to be equipped for every good work. 

Pastor Anthony Johnson - 

SMALL EXPLOSIONS / Pioneering Men  Ages 20 - 29                       

How conflict can move us forward