The Sixth Basic Need of a Wife

She needs to know that you are aware of her presence
Even when your mind is on other matters.

Your awareness of your wife’s presence is her assurance of your love for her.

For starters a short check list:

  • Help her with her coat
  • Open the car door for her
  • Pick up after yourself
  • Tell her your schedule
  • Refrain from crude language and criticism
  • Your personal cleanliness, neatness and grooming
  • Properly introduce her
  • Date her once a week
  • Purposefully discuss how you together raise the children
  • Listen to learn Not to reply or to‘fix it’

You may have to alert her to these new acts of awareness so that she can adjust, like ‘wait for you to open the car door’.

How do you do this while you are engaged in your work a day world?

Her presence should be what you are drawn back to, like when you were dating.

It is like the paddle ball game. Your mind goes out a hundred different places like the red ball on the end of the rubber band, but her presence always draws you back to her.

Guys! Let me know how this goes! – Bill Thompson