The Second Basic Need of a Wife

She needs to know that she is meeting vital needs
in your life and work that no other woman can meet.

Do you know – does she know you know and appreciate that:

  1. She is the basis of your most important message to draw others to Christ by illustrating how Christ loves the church?
  2. She provides potential power in your prayers ?– I Pt. 3:7
  3. She is an “alarm system” against other women with wrong motives?
  4. She is a mirror of your present spiritual condition?
  5. She can give you the joy of a physical relationship without guilt? 5:19,20
  6. She is a safeguard to your hasty decisions because of her need for security and consistency?
  7. She instills attitudes in the children?
  8. She discerns the real needs of the children?

Before honor must come humility —  tell your wife your real needs, she is designed to help you !!.

Guys! Let me know how this goes! – Bill Thompson