The Fifth Basic Need of a Wife

She needs to know that you enjoy setting aside
quality time for intimate conversation with her.

You are the shepherd of the family.

She has insights about herself and the family that will only be shared in these moments.

She may:

  • Feel insecure if you predecease her, or lose your job.
  • Fear getting old, getting sick and/or becoming unattractive to you.
  • Feel deficient as mother, in social circles, or as a wife.
  • Fear the empty nest.
  • Fear for her safety when she is alone.
  • This is a short list.
  •  It is up to you to develop that safe environment for her to open up.

Set a date, be on time (find what time best suits her schedule), turn your cell off, pick a place meaningful to her and try to make it a weekly event.

If you have children, you  make the necessary arrangements for their care.

It is your honor and responsibility to go before God and find what she needs from you.

Guys! Let me know how this goes! – Bill Thompson